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“Our preschool program serves children ages two to four. We offer a well rounded educational experience as well as a nurturing environment for children to develop essential classroom skills and explore their world through directed instruction and organized play. There…

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“The Elementary School is open to all families of children from Early Kindergarten (sometimes called Transitional Kindergarten) through Fifth Grade. We have a rigorous curriculum, focused on Project Based Learning, integrating Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math and utilizing our…

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Elementary Extended Care and Summer

Extended Care   Before and After School Care for Elementary Age Students. Extended Care is not only for the students of Sunnyvale Christian School, students from all schools are welcome. Elementary Extended Care Fees: $100.00 Registration fee for those not…

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The mission of Sunnyvale Christian School, is to lead students and their families to Jesus Christ by providing quality Christian education. SCS will assists students toward a balance of personal commitment to Jesus Christ, intellectual competence and a healthy personal development. Sunnyvale Christian School is a caring, supportive and fun community that warmly welcomes you and your family.

“And all your children shall be disciples (taught by the Lord and obedient to His will), and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children.”
Isaiah 54:13

We strive to incorporate the 4 C's - Competency, Compassion, Creativity, and Collaboration:

Competency is reflected in problem solving as students are encouraged to dive deep into concepts with student led inquiry using critical thinking. The purpose of education is to provide wings to students, encouraging them to try, and providing a safe place to fail and try again.

Compassion is developing Godly character by practicing empathy, love, and serving others. While focusing on real world problem solving, using STEAM principles, we are able to engage students in ministry and missions, as they love and serve in their community and the world.

Creativity is important as we reflect His Image, so it is at the core of innovation and invention. As students ask big questions, we encourage innovation and invention to address inquiry. We call upon science, technology, design and math to create solutions to these authentic questions.

Collaboration is practiced as we work together to refine social and emotional skills, while accomplishing the common goal. We are part of the body of Christ and as such, we live to love and serve others. Being in community is the purpose of our God, and we are blessed to learn together and lead together.

Faith & Community

We take our responsibility to provide a warm and nurturing, Christ-centered environment seriously. Our teachers love that they have the opportunity to help guide their students on their individual spiritual journeys and to begin each day with prayer. Bible is taught as an academic subject, but teachers also try to incorporate a biblical perspective into every subject they teach. Teachers also use learning opportunities that come up throughout the day to guide students in how to be kind to each other and be more like Jesus. Students are able to learn from the personal examples and life stories of their teachers.

SCS students also participate in weekly chapels, which begin with a time of student-led pledges and prayer. This is followed by worship, led by staff and student worship warriors. The children, parents, and teachers love this time of worshipping Jesus together as a school. Each chapel is led by a different class who teaches on a topic and then shares a song to go along with it. Every year our chapels have a different theme that is prayerfully decided on.

Students and parents are also able to serve our community and the world together through a couple of yearly community service opportunities. Each spring we collect change together as a school and put it towards changing the world. In the past we have built wells in Africa and built a snack shack for a school in the Philippines. In addition, we have a yearly community service project that students, parents, and staff participate in. Usually this entails cleaning up a school. We hope to be a blessing to the world around us.