Preschool Tuition:

SCS Registration Part-Time Tuition Full-Time Tuition
2 Year Olds $350 $1,152.48 $1,305.36
3 Year Olds $350 $1,046.64 $1,152.48
4 Year Olds $350 $1,046.64 $1,152.48


Elementary Tuition:

SCS Registration Sibling Discount % Tuition Monthly (11 Months)
First Child $500 $10,143.00 $922.09
Second Child $500 15% $8,621.55 $783.78
Third Child $500 20% $8,114.40 $737.67

Every family is required to volunteer a minimum of five hours each trimester or will be billed $50 each trimester.

Discounts Available (you may choose ONE):

2% discount if tuition is paid in full at the beginning of the year

10% monthly discount for Crosswalk Community Church Members

(Submit documentation of Church membership to administration office.)

Sibling Discounts:

15% discount for 2nd child

20% discount for 3rd child

25% discount for 4th child

The sibling discount will be calculated from the fee of lesser amount if children’s tuition costs differ.


All Tuition payments are made using FACTS Management Company.


**Financial Aid is available for up to 50% of tuition cost. In order to qualify you must fill out a financial application online through FACTS: